For Counselors

For Counselors and Educators

The Slingshot team specializes in innovative and entertaining presentations that help your students indentify their strengths and areas of interest.

All of our resources are provided to you and your students at no charge. We arenít college representatives who are interested in promoting only one school. Our interest lies in helping students determine their passion and strong suits so they can then select the RIGHT school, college or university for them.

We know that choosing a path after graduation from high school is important, and for many that choice can be confusing and intimidating. With all the different choices available to students, itís easy to lose sight of what is most important.

The most important thing is finding an educational path that is right for the individual student. There are lots of great colleges, universities, technical schools and specialty programs out there, but if they arenít a good fit for the student, it doesnít matter.

We start with what matters most: the student.

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